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Thomas Scoon

Using cast glass and sculpted granite, New Hampshire sculptor Thomas Scoon focuses exclusively on the human figure, abstracting it while still emphasizing the essence of gender, gesture and other human characteristics. The organic granite stones which have spectacular traces of quartz, mica and iron running throughout them are juxtaposed with the translucent glass. Scoon's sculptures balance the beauty of nature and explore familial and generational relationships, both as a personal narrative and universal construct.

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Baldwin _ Guggisberg
Ode to the Natural World
Austyn Taylor

Laine Bachman @ Bender gallery
18 March, 2019

Laine Bachman is now represented by Bender Gallery

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Baldwin & Guggisberg
1 March, 2019

Baldwin & Guggisberg
"Under An Equal Sky"
A Monumental Installation at Canterbury Cathedral
A review written by Jeffrey Sarmiento, PH.D. and
published in Glass Quarterly Edition 154, Spring 2019.

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