Bender Gallery exhibits some of today's leading contemporary established and emerging artists creating meaningful museum quality work. While the main focus of Bender Gallery is sculpture using glass in its creation we also represent highly respected painters and sculptors of other mediums.

MARTIN BLANK                                      DAVIDE SALVADORE


ERIC HILTON                                            BERTIL VALLIEN

STEVE LINN                                              MARY VAN CLINE

WILLIAM MORRIS                                   STEVEN WEINBERG

MARK PEISER                                          HIROSHI YAMANO




KIM GOLDFARB                                        MARCO & MATTIA SALVADORE

DOROTHY HAFNER                                 TOLAND SAND

NOEL HART                                               DAVID SCHWARZ

JOSHUA HERSHMAN                              THOMAS SCOON

STEVE JENSEN                                          AUSTYN TAYLOR

FABIO MODICA                                         VERUSKA VAGEN

MARTIE NEGRI                                          EMMA VARGA

KARSTEN OAKS                                        JEN VIOLETTE



Featured Artist
Fabio Modica

Fabio Modica is among the most passionately collected young artists of our time. His seductive work is characterized by an operatic use of color to cinematically depict the faces of hauntingly beautiful women. Modica’s artistic virtuosity has earned him acclaim from critics, curators, and collectors around the world.

"In the dense psychological landscape, where rays of light pass through a maze of tentacles, where irises glow like spots of light crossing the materic space in the night, and where the duel goes on without end, is Fabio Modica's great theater. " Giovanni Stella

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Wesley Neal Rasko
Mark Peiser
Mark Peiser
January 3 - March 31, 2019

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Mark Peiser
January 15, 2019

Mark Peiser's Palomar Series

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New Year, New Faces, New Work!!!
January 3, 2019

New Year, New Faces, New Work!!!

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