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Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements

Husband and wife team Leah Wingfield and Steve Clements have been collaborating since 2000, making extraordinary sculpture that will have you wanting to engage in a dialogue with their Dreamers.

"The series Distant Dreams is a story of time,memory and imagination. We have made these sculptures for the romantic intellectuals who time travel through their imagination to places, dreams and ideas. Books and stories are vehicles for imaginings that are shared across time and dedicated to memory. The hourglass represents the imagination's ability to travel backwards and forward through time."

Wingfield & Clements

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Emma Varga
The Visage_br_h_Photographic Sculpture

Laine Bachman @ Bender gallery
18 March, 2019

Laine Bachman is now represented by Bender Gallery

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Baldwin & Guggisberg
1 March, 2019

Baldwin & Guggisberg
"Under An Equal Sky"
A Monumental Installation at Canterbury Cathedral
A review written by Jeffrey Sarmiento, PH.D. and
published in Glass Quarterly Edition 154, Spring 2019.

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