Bender Gallery exhibits some of today's leading contemporary artists as well as emerging artists creating meaningful work. While the main focus of Bender Gallery is sculpture using glass in its creation we also represent highly respected painters and sculptors of other mediums. We are located in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC.


BALDWIN & GUGGISBERG                                   WILLIAM MORRIS

MARTIN BLANK                                                       KARSTEN OAKS

BETTY CLARK                                                          TOLAND SAND

EINAR & JAMEX DE LA TORRE                             DAVID SCHWARZ

KIM GOLDFARB                                                       THOMAS SCOON

DOROTHY HAFNER                                                VERUSKA VAGEN

NOEL HART                                                              BERTIL VALLIEN

JOSHUA HERSHMAN                                             EMMA VARGA

STEVE JENSEN                                                         STEVEN WEINBERG

CARMEN LOZAR                                                      HIROSHI YAMANO

Featured Artist
Hiroshi Yamano

Hiroshi Yamano creates sculptural glass art with his own unique fusion of craft traditions from the United States, Europe and Japan.  To emulate the decorative surfaces of Japanese screen paintings, he fuses gold and silver leaf onto hot glass and plates the glass with copper, using a process he himself adapted from ancient Japanese metal craft.   Yamano’s sculptures express his own life experiences as a traveler across cultures.  Fish are recurring images symbolizing his constant search for the treasures of experience.  “I am a fish that is always looking for something,” he has said. “I am a fish that cannot stop swimming.  Maybe I will swim forever, like the universe does.” 

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The Journey is the Destination
Current Exhibition

The Journey is the Destination
Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg
January 2 - March 30, 2018

Veronese Deconstructed  /  Veronese Dreaming

Visit the gallery to see some of Internationally recognized Baldwin & Guggisberg's newest work. Their work is designed using a clean modern aesthetic while utilizing centuries old venetian and swedish glass blowing techinques as well as venetian cold working skills. The main focus pieces of this exhibiton where unveiled at last years Venice Glass Week and at SOFA Chicago 2017. The hangings are among the largest and most dramatic they have created thus far and the new body of work titled Species Novae are a statement to their clean lines that never cease to engage their veiwer. 

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Summer of Glass
May 17, 2018

Summer of Glass in conjunction with the Chihuly Exhibition at the Biltmore Estate.

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SOFA Chicago 2017
November 2, 2017

Bender Gallery is returning to SOFA Chicago 2017

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