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Toland Sand

An innovator in the use of dichroic glass and polished crystal for over thirty five years, widely recognized for being the first artist to use dicrohic glass in assembled glass and crystal sculptures. Toland’s approach to his pieces is one of exploration, always looking for form and energy. His perspective is one of trying to reveal an interior complexity while not forgetting simplicity and elegance of form. The attention goes in and then back out, attempting to take in the totality of the piece. It is like architecture for consciousness. Access is given to the interior of the solid object and then one can exit, just like an architectural form. One’s attention becomes the fulcrum of the piece’s existence. It becomes a reflection of the viewer.

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SOFA Expo Chicago 2019
12 October, 2019

Bender Gallery returning to SOFA Expo Chicago
October 31 - November 3

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Emma Varga’s Wild and Precious Life
15 August, 2019

Emma Varga’s "Wild and Precious Life"

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