Wendy Saxon Brown

“I began sandblasting glass in 1982. It is a process that allows me to use my sculptural and design skills. I love drawing from life, in fact, I hire models several times a week for both drawing and sculpture. The drawings are usually incorporated into designs that will be sandblasted in glass. The sculptures are cast in glass. “By sandblasting I mean aiming an abrasive at high pressure at the glass which erodes the glass away. It is a reverse process, meaning that I am carving from the back of the glass - cutting deepest where I want it to appear most positive from the front. This is an indirect process, meaning that the image is first cut into a 1/8” thick rubber stencil that is attached to the glass. This behaves as a ‘frisket’ that controls where the abrasive can cut at any particular time. “When the sandblasting is completed, oil based color is rubbed into the sandblasted areas. These areas are quite rough, and the paint adheres well.”
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