David Schwarz


About the Artist:


My most recent work incorporates steel and glass whereas my first love was with metal and clay. When I was introduced to glass over 30 years ago, the material became my passion. In my search for a more meaningful stand for my glass, my old love metal has crept back into my thoughts. Now, metal is becoming an integrated part of my overall compositions. I am enjoying the process involved in working with steel again and the new challenges it brings.

There are some similar properties of metal and glass yet these two natural materials are very different. You can make glass look like metal but you cannot make metal look like glass. Yet both materials involve fire. My home and studio exists in an environment surrounded by woods. Over the years, nature has been becoming more prominent in my imagery. My steel stands have evolved from objects of mere function to become an integral part of the overall piece which gives the stand a more meaningful purpose for existence.

I am still fascinated with illusionary space and architectonic structures living in an environment devoid of gravity. In my work I want architecture and nature to exist in harmony. I am excited about the new work and cannot wait to see where the new journey takes me.

Associated Exhibitions

Art Palm Beach 2016
20 January - 24 January, 2016