"Balanced Solutions" by Michael Hedges

5 September - 30 September, 2019

Bender Gallery is offering an exhibition of Michael Hedges paintings to create a rational discussion of the interaction of spatially placed colors and lines and how their interpretation may effect emotion. While at first glance appearing totally random, Michael's paintings have structure that takes time to recognize. The first effect is not one of confusion but a deepening desire to see something. This is due to the balance of the underlying structure and placement of color throughout the work. This does not simply happen but is planned out and adjusted as he goes through his process of placing layer upon layer, until the painting has the harmonious balance that is hanging on the wall in front of you. It is the desire of Michael to create a vision that you can view for hours without tiring of it. We suppose one thought might be you’re being drawn in, searching for the idea that started the work. Or the simply soothing interaction of all that is going on in the painting is enough to allow you to sit and just relax.

Hedges' work pays homage to the artists that began the Abstraction Expressionist movement while working toward his own body of work. This is a direction he has moving in for over 20 years now. He is truly a gifted painter that deserves to be noticed for his vision in creating work that is his own.