SOFA Expo Chicago 2018

The 25th Anniversary Celebration

1 November - 4 November, 2018

We are excited to be exhibiting work by some of today's most respected artists alongside
a select group of emerging artists making meaningful work at SOFA Expo Chicago 2017.

Come celebrate the 25th anniversary of the longest running art fair in the US as well as
the 30th anniversary of the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass.

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We hope to see you there and help you acquire new work for your collection.

Monica Guggisberg & Philip Baldwin

Kim Goldfarb

Joshua Hershman

Eric Hilton & James Allen

Karsten Oaks

Mark Peiser

Toland Sand

Marco & Mattia Salvadore

Tim Shaw

Austyn Taylor

Mary Van Cline

Emma Varga

Jen Violette

Peter Wright

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