November 1, 2018
Bender Gallery to return to Navy Pier to exhibit at SOFA Expo Chicago 2018

Bender Gallery will be exhibiting in one of the largest booths at this years SOFA Expo Chicago by showing the work by 17 artists. We will be offering Baldwin & Guggisberg's newest work "Species Novae" as well as the only two available Photo Vessels by Mary Van Cline. In addition, on center stage will be two of Mark Peiser's monumental sculptures as well as Eric Hilton & James Allan's newest video piece titled "Veils of Discovery".
Also on in our offerings will be new work by emerging artists Karsten Oaks with his carved crystal sculptures and Austyn Taylor showing her ceramic story telling animals.
The list also includes new work by Kim Goldfarb, Joshua Hershman, Marco & Mattia Salvadore, Toland Sand, Tim Shaw, Emma Varga, Jen Violette and Peter Wright.

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