Mark Peiser

Denial - Mark  Peiser


hot cast phase separated glass  
13 x 21.75 x 7.9 in

Have you ever used the term “bent out of shape”? What prompted it? The forms of consciousness pieces resulted from questions like this. The premise of the series, perhaps akin to Jungian archetypes, is that universal images or templates, exist within the collective unconsciousness. Furthermore, introspection reveals the self as at the center of a void whose boundary assumes a particular form, and that form, or its image, is the result of a particular emotional state. The goal of the series is to identify those archetypal forms as sculpture. In this piece, "Denial" draws on the phrase "eyes wide shut". It is the eye that is open but sees nothing. It plays on the denial we see in the world and is as current today as when it was made. Denial of our endangered planet, of poverty, denial of human rights, etc. As is typical with this series “Denial” a very introspective piece. It is not what is directly on the surface but surrounding it and under the surface that is of importance.