Wesley Neal Rasko


4 February - 30 March, 2019

Wesley Neal Rasko

On exhibit are some of Wesly Neal Rasko's architecturally influenced sculptures.

I fully believe a certain "luck factor" exists when working with glass; sometimes a piece turns out and others crack or break. Glass can be solid/liquid, can be formed using heat or through cold working processes. It is colorful, full of life, can be transparent or matte, and is the ultimate sculpting material. I embrace this uncertain nature of glass by transforming it into expressions of emotions and nature through swirling colors and awe-inspiring forms.

The final hand-ground, polished pieces embody the contrasting characteristics of glass through their inclusion of textured and transparent sections and various colors interacting with one another. My pieces are composed of painted and laminated float glass, cast glass, optical crystal, and exotic stone.

I strive to create provocative glass sculptures that showcase the flexibility and fluidity of glass while also accepting and adapting to its uncertain nature. This is my destiny in life; to create works of art that I am blown away in creating and thus I can only hope the viewer will have a similar reaction when they see my finished work.

Work by Wesley Neal Rasko