Veruska Vagen


Friday 7 June
5 - 8 pm

8 June - 31 July, 2019

 View Veruska Vagen's Work

"Throughout art history artists have studied the work of the masters who came before. Raphael drew from Michelangelo. Van Gogh painted from Rembrandt and Delacroix. Picasso referenced Rubens and Velasquez. The tradition of paying homage through studies of masterpieces served as a tool not only to honor the original work but to become the student of the master as well. In focusing intently on a revered artwork- perhaps choosing a mere segment to study- one becomes intimately involved, even lost within the piece. The journey of revisiting an image perhaps centuries old and with a different material brings new life to a beloved visage or composition and a fresh way of experiencing it. Exchanging paint with tiny glass dots allows the viewer's eye to become the palette. The visual mixing of colors thus embraces Seurat and the Pointillists in addition to the great artists of other eras to whom I pay tribute and from which my pieces are inspired."
- Veruska Vagen

In the exhibition are black & white portraits using the dot de verre techique perfected by Veruska Vagen. it is not until you get up close that you realize that they are not photgraphs. Visit the gallery to experience these very unique portraits.