May 18, 2016
An Interchange and Exchange of the Many Facets of Making a Living in the Field will be held in Asheville, NC May 18-21, 2016. It is a new conference event for SNAG, offering the opportunity for people to come together, learn, and broaden their horizons.

Welcome to vibrant and beautiful Asheville. Nestled away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we want you to get whisked away into a mountain escape during one of her peak seasons. May is a very busy time of the month, so be ready to see Asheville at her prime. From more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. to the majestic Biltmore Estate, Asheville has a little something for all our SNAGites. It’s rich history and culture leaks into your blood, as you cannot go more than two steps without finding something to grab your attention. With a global reputation for high quality of life, extensive cultural offerings, a thriving, creative community, and where craft, heritage, and culture are celebrated, Asheville is the perfect host for our first SNAGneXt conference. Asheville is praised as a walkable city — it only takes a few minutes to travel by foot between SNAGneXt events! Even though downtown is less than two miles across, more than 100 restaurants and breweries line the streets, most of which are locally owned. More art deco architecture can be found in downtown Asheville than in any other Southeastern city outside Miami and it is framed by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains — so there is plenty of beautiful scenery to be appreciated. We have created 4 themes for our speaker line up. These are Wellness and Holistic Practices, Finding Your Voice or Product Development, a Multi Pronged Approach to Making and Selling, and Bridging Art and Fashion. Our speakers include many names you will recognize, as we worked hard to offer a wide variety of makers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to you, so you can DISCOVER new skills (and new friends), CONNECT with your community, EXPLORE opportunities to have your work shown and sold, LEARN from within and outside the field, and NETWORK with leaders in the field. We are so excited to celebrate our first ever, SNAGneXt: An Interchange and Exchange on the Many Facets of Making a Living in the Field with you. We live in a very exciting and ever changing time for makers. SNAG is looking forward to learning more and leaning into the conversations surrounding entrepreneurship, how you can make a living in the field, and thrive in doing so. We have a great lineup of speakers that you won’t want to miss! Register today and escape into the mountains with us! We have a limited seating capacity therefore we are only offering 525 paid seats at this event. Hurry to register as these will go fast and once they are gone, so will be the opportunity to experience the 2016 SNAGneXt conference. In SNAG, Conference Coordinating Committee Alaina Clarke, Tedd McDonah, and Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith

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