Nicora Gangi

Nicora  Gangi

About the Artist:

In a world of frenzied speed, endless worry and mounting to-do lists, to slow down and ponder seems to exist in pockets instead of droves, at least in this artist’s current purview of the world around. Essential for even a modest quality of life, looking is sine qua non for human life, for meaning, for substance;and quiet contemplation for hope in a world in perpetual crisis or frenzy. The quintessential skill of being an observer is merely a persistent gesture toward looking. Observation as an artistic discipline manifested itself in the historical art movement often referred to as Realism. Its roots date back as far as the 14th century when the artist Giotto entered the scene. Thus, Realism as an artistic strategy is both traditional and avant-garde, and it has been used in the service of both. Realism, as a style of art, is rich and varied, both in the simple and direct visual apprehension of the thing seen, and in the insights gleaned from observation of both nature and human culture.

In my pastel works on paper I explore Realism of the natural and human culture evoking a mysterious and nearly miraculous feeling of light, darkness, space, and even the passage of time. And looking is paramount. In the still life assemblages from which I draw lie implicit narratives and deeply symbolic communications humans instinctively seek: hope in the face of death, the possibility of genuine permanence, and the perseverance of meaning in spite of our weakness, brokenness, and failure.

My aim as an artist is to be the observer penetrating with eyes and heart this material world to realize and visualize at its core its ultimate corporeality, through Realism.


Selected Solo Exhibition

2017 Edgewood Gallery,Syracuse,NY
2015 Edgewood Gallery, Syracuse, NY
2011 MME Fine Art, New York,NY
2010 Shain Gallery,Charlotte, NC
2009 Gordon College, Wenham, MA
2005 Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill
2005 Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY
2004 Taylor University, Upland, IN
2001 Houghton College, Houghton, NY
1997 Artifice Gallery, Syracuse, NY
1995 Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY

Selected Collections

2015 Syracuse Peace Council, Syracuse,NY
2007 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
2004 Taylor University, Upland, IN
2003 Cross of Christ Church, MN
2002 Taylor University, Upland, IN
2001 Houghton College, Houghton, NY
2000 Charter One Bank, Albany, NY
2000 Concordia University, Austin, TX
1998 Ascension of Christ Lutheran Church, MI

Additional Information:

Born: 1959

Associated Exhibitions

SOFA Expo Chicago 2017
Returning to SOFA to exhibit exhilarating new work by a group of both established and emerging artists
2 November - 5 November, 2017