Marco Reichert's Creative Process

This video will help you understand the creative process that Marco Reichert goes through to create his powerful and compelling paintings. He has developed a body of work that is recognizable and uniquely his own. Reichert is challenging our ideas of what contemporary art is by using traditional painting techniques in conjunction with experimental “painting machines” to create multi-layered abstract artworks. On the one hand, there is a classical pictorial methodology linked to materials and painting in the way we traditionally think of. On the other hand, there is an overtly technical-digital component through the construction of homemade machines as “robot designers” made by the artist himself. Reichert’s work is reflective of today’s society, a society that is increasingly dominated by computers and technology.

Reichert’s paintings juxtapose the seemingly randomness of abstract painting with the precision of technology. The paintings have a static component overlaid with the motion of lines fading into the distance, causing the visual effect to be fluid. This is not happenstance but caused by the interaction of human touch and machine (controlled in part by a human), creating a unique vision.